Mission Statement

Orchestra Gold (OG) teaches, performs and promotes endangered OLDSTYLE (pre-digital age) folkloric music from Mali, West Africa, creating opportunities and access for artists, musicians and activists of color living in under-resourced Bay Area communities.

Orchestra Gold provides historically marginalized communities with access to Mali’s endangered music through arts events. This work also combats the surge in Islamophobia, anti-immigration policies, and divisive rhetoric that has become pervasive in the current social climate. By promoting art from Mali, we distill stereotypical notions of monolithic Islam by using music to link two oppressed communities in the Bay Area and musicians in Mali. Orchestra Gold’s artists have over 70 years of cumulative experience studying, researching, and performing this traditional music, and are uniquely poised to create a high-impact connection between ancient Malian folklore and Bay Area artists of color.

i) Increase the diversity and volume of audience members from underrepresented groups attending events and engaging with folk music from Mali,
ii) Provide opportunities for under-resourced Bay Area artists, musicians and activists of color to enjoy folkloric music from Mali
iii) Preserve and promote endangered ancient Malian folkloric dance and music within the Bay Area while highlighting Mali’s musical treasures in the face of conflict

What is “oldstyle”?
“Oldstyle” describes an aesthetical approach to the composition and execution of music commonly found in music developed before the advance of the digital age (pre 1980’s).