About Us

Orchestra Gold is razor focused on playing, promoting, and preserving OldStyle (pre-digital age) music from Mali, West Africa. We do that in two ways:

1) We do weekly dance classes with our lead singer (Mariam Diakite), with a sole focus on the oldest of Mali’s ancient dance, song and drum folklore: MORE
2) We do shows where we play original arrangements of “Orchestra” music the 60’s-70’s era golden age: MORE

This work creates a mutually beneficial point of connection between the Bay Area and Mali where artists have suffered tremendously in the wake of the civil war which has torn apart the country ({MORE}). In the Bay Area, we recognize that systemic forces that have made this beautiful music less accessible to communities of color. We work to offer invitations to connect with this music for groups with historically disadvantaged access, thereby promoting much-needed equality in the arts. Ultimately, this will increase arts access for diverse audiences, and promote Mali’s musical treasures in a time of dire need.