Roots Dance from Wassoulou, Mali — MARIAM DIAKITÉ

This Monday 8/13 @ 7pm, we will take a trip into the music of the Wassoulou Region of Mali! Here is a little taste of the class.

Roots Dance from Wassoulou, Mali — MARIAM DIAKITÉ
Mon. Aug. 13 // Mon. Aug 27th
Bandaloop Studios

In this mini-series, you will immerse yourself in rich folklore from another of Mali’s musical hotspots: Wassoulou. Wassoulou is the home of many of Mali’s most well-known musicians: Oumou Sangare, Coumba Sidibe and the iconic Sali Sidibe. You will learn ancient songs, dance steps and rhythms originating from Wassoulou. Each course will create a foundation of learning that the next will build upon; therefore consecutive attendance is highly encouraged. Informational handouts will be provided.

>$25 for the series in advance or first day
>$15 drop-in

Follow Mariam:

Ms. Diakité is a dancer, singer, percussionist and an all-around extremely versatile artist. Uniquely interested in mining the depths of Mali’s cultural heritage, she is extremely in-demand within Bamako for weddings, baptisms, and other ceremonies. She has travelled extensively within her country and throughout West Africa, representing Mali abroad.

Mariam is a passionate artist, motivated teacher, and has a special talent for conveying the complex and challenging subtleties of her dance style to her students in a way that makes the challenge fun, and rewarding. She opens minds, and pushes bodies to go beyond what is possible. Her classes are informative as well and filled will valuable information that adds context and culture to the dances and songs. The grace and ease of her singing translates very seamlessly into guided instruction for the students. Aside from being a master at her twin trade of song and dance, Mariam is hard working, down to earth, fun, honest, amicable, easy going, and a pleasure to work with!

Live drumming by Orchestra Gold.

Mon. Aug. 13 // Mon. Aug 27
7 –> 8:30PM
Bandaloop Studios
1601 18th St, Oakland, CA 94607

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