Live Radio Performance and Q&A — MARIAM DIAKITÉ w/ Orchestra Gold

Thanks to Joanna Manqueros from KPFA, Sat., August 4 @ 10AM, we went live on KPFA Radio to play, chat and let Mariam light the stage! Listen here:

Live Radio Performance and Q&A –MARIAM DIAKITÉ w/ Orchestra Gold
Saturday, August 4 at 10 AM
KPFA Radio
1929 Martin Luther King Jr Way
Berkeley, California 94704
Facebook Event:


30 music lovers invited to the morning live performance of Orchestra Gold, the Malian band fronted by brilliant vocalist Mariam Diakite. To hear her sing is to be transported to a giant market of Bamako, or to walk a dusty trail in a village, to join a group of women gathering firewood, singing their hearts out by a river.

Join us:
Celebrate the power of one woman’s voice, a country where life expectancy for women is 57 years old; annual salary less than $2,000. Yet, the richness of her songs are priceless. Her superb band, Orchestra Gold will back her vocals for a memorable concert at KPFA.


Arrive at 945 AM to get a spot in the live studio audience. RSVP here:

Host: Joanna Manqueros
Producer: Tawfic Halabi
Engineer: Tony Ferro,
Music of the World Live, KPFA

Follow Mariam:



Ms. Diakité is a dancer, singer, percussionist and an all-around extremely versatile artist. Uniquely interested in mining the depths of Mali’s cultural heritage, she is extremely in-demand within Bamako for weddings, baptisms, and other ceremonies. She has travelled extensively within her country and throughout West Africa, representing Mali abroad.

Mariam is a passionate artist, motivated teacher, and has a special talent for conveying the complex and challenging subtleties of her dance style to her students in a way that makes the challenge fun, and rewarding. She opens minds, and pushes bodies to go beyond what is possible. Her classes are informative as well and filled will valuable information that adds context and culture to the dances and songs. The grace and ease of her singing translates very seamlessly into guided instruction for the students. Aside from being a master at her twin trade of song and dance, Mariam is hard working, down to earth, fun, honest, amicable, easy going, and a pleasure to work with!

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